June 2018

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Abstract :The purpose of this article is to outline some of the key issues related to HR Practices in the Miraj sitar making Handicraft business. The Indian handicraft Business needs huge development of sustains its growth. Considering huge population and strong potential for handicraft business needs organize efforts and proper Human Resources Management practices. Key Words –Craftsman, HR-Practices, Resources.
2 Contribution Of Women In Changing Business Environment Through Information Technology Prof. Yogendra Singh & Meena 10-16
Women represent half the resources and half the potential an all the societies. Efforts to promote greater equality between women and men can also contribute to the overall development of human society. The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of women’s social, economic and political status is essential for the achievement of women’s participation in economic activities is fast increasing. The role of women in entrepreneurship is also increasing. In India too, women are participating in large number in almost all the spheres of economic activity. In the case of Work Force Participation Rate (WFPR) by sex, it had been much lower for females as compared to males. Working women are major part of labour market of India. Their problems cannot be ignored. They are engaged in gainful employment and contributing to home and national economy. But they are still over burdened and there is a need to correlate, the working women have become a major part of labour market of India and hence their problem cannot be ignored. When they are engaged in gainful employment and contributing to the household and national economy, they should be given the due respect and status they deserve in the family and the society. In the changing socio-cultural environment of India, women are entering in a new era. But they are still over burdened with the household chores.
3 Physico-Chemical Characteristics of a Fresh Water Pond of ghugus, District Chandrapur, Maharashtra (India) L. S. Durge, A. A. Dhammani, R. M. Chavan 17-22
ABSTRACT: In the present study an attempt has been made on physico-chemical characteristics ofa pond, located in GhugusTown in Chandrapurdistrict of Maharashtra.The study was carried outfor a period of twelve months i.e. November 2014 to October 2015. Monthly details have been collected andwere represented seasonally along with standard deviation. Different parameters weretaken in the study were Humidity, Atmospheric and water temperature, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved solids,Dissolved oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Total alkalinity, Bicarbonate Alkalinity,Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Chloride, Nitrate-Nitrogen and Phosphate. The resultsof the present study indicated that the water of the pond lies just below the level of eutrophication.
4 Study of financial and social status of women in Banjara community  Prof. Dr. Vimal Rathod 23-27
Abstract : Banjara society is a component of Indian culture. Globally it is known as Gypsy, Bottomian, Plummish, Tarar, Hitens etc. Their history is available from their dialect. Their lifestyle and diet are different from other communities. Studying them, it appears that these people were uneducated during the ancient and medieval periods. They are Indians and have settled in other states from Rajasthan. Banjara caste is mentioned first time during the Brahmin Dynasty regime. During that time, a Muslim was attacked on India. “Ferozeshah Bahamani’s brother Khan Khanan has done this. In the year 1417, a fictitious article has been written by a bunja bull. You can not say that Banjara people were born only during Bahamani’s time. Because, in the past several years, there is a mention of Banjara in history, it means that the banjara being cast has existed for 1000 years or more. Her existence is different from other castes. Their language, wear, diet, wedding patterns, etc. are different. But some of the methods are matched by the Hindu community.
5 The Major Achievements Of India In Space S. K. Singh 28-32
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is one of the largest domestic communications satellite systems in the entire Asia-Pacific. Indian National Satellite System helps in weather forecasting, disaster warning along with providing search and rescue services. ISRO is located in Bengaluru and was established in 1969. Jawahar Lal Nehru along with Vikram Sarabhai had founded INCOSPAR (Indian National Committee for Space Research) in 1962.      ‘Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among stars. India not only aimed for but also landed on the moon. And not only moon, the journey of India has extrapolated from invading moon to conquering Mars, and the journey still continues for annexing Sun’.
6 Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj’s role in the Brahmin postural movement Sujata S. Patil 33-37
After Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, the credit for a grand work in the history of the Brahmin movement was credited to Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur. The nation will never be independent, united and strong unless the men and women of India are educated. Shahu Maharaj believed in cheating. To his last moment, seeing the independence of an independent educated India and of an independent society, Shahu Maharaj had set certain specific objectives and ideals in front of him.
7 Phytoplankton Diversity of Janala Dam Near Mul Dist. Chandrapur(M. S.) India Bele A. S., Telkhade P.M. and Kulkarni R.R. 38-43
The present investigation deals with phytoplankton diversity of Janala Dam near Mul in District Chandrapur of State Maharashtra. Janala Dam is situated near village Janala and is 10 km away from Mul city and is surrounded by dense forest area which exhibits rich floral and faunal diversity. It is used for irrigation, fish culture and other anthropogenic activities. The study on the dam was undertaken for a period of June 2014 to May 2015. In present investigation total 13 species of phytoplankton were recorded and  belonging to 6 classes i.e. Chlorophyceae, Cyanophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Dinophyceae, Ulvophyceae and Trebouxiophyceae were recorded.
Today India is a fast growing country in the World, because India adopted Liberalization. Privatization, Globalization policy (LPG) and information Technology for Development. The Govt. Polices of this Country shapes the Economic Environment. it gives the Consumer Service Satisfaction Framework to operate the Trading Business.
9 कार्यकम व्यवस्थापनातील नवप्रवाह प्रा.डॉ.सपना वेगीनवार 46-48
आजच्या आधुनिक काळात प्रसंग साजरे करण्याची प्रवृत्तीही दिवसेंदिवस वाढतच चालली आहे. हे कार्यक्रम किंवा घटना प्रसंग आर्थिक व्यावसायिक सामाजिक कौटूंबिक धार्मिक किंवा सांस्कृतिक अषा अनेक स्वरूपाची असु षकते. कार्यक्रम व्यवस्थापनाव्दारे आपल्याला कार्य पार पाडावयाचे असेल तर योग्य त-हेने नियोजनबध्द रूप रेशा व आराखडा आपल्याला हया कार्यक्रम व्यवस्थापनाकडे किंवा अषा संस्थेकडुन आखण्यात येतो.
10 आदिवासींची ओळख व सामाजिक शोषण प्रा.डॉ.रणधीर साठे 49-51
भारतात ग्रामीण आणि नागरी समुदायाच्या समस्या पेक्षा आदिवासीच्या समस्या या वेगळया आहे. भारतातील इतर समुदायापेक्षा आदिवासी समाजाची पार्ष्वभुमी वेगळी आहे. आदिवासी समाज हा सामाजिक, षैक्षणिक, आर्थिकदृश्टया मागासलेला आहे. म्हणून आदिवासी समाजाच्या समस्याची कारणे आणि त्या समस्याचे स्वरूप वेगळे असल्याचे आढळून येते. भारतातील आदिवासीच्या समस्या या साध्या आणि सरळ नाहीत. समस्या विस्तृत आणि जटिल आहेत.
11 Mobile Commerce: It’s Application and Services Dr. Rahul Sawlikar 52-55
The significant growth of M-Commerce application is remarkable in India. More and more consumer is transferring to M-Commerce to achieve better and fast transaction into market. M-Commerce is complex in nature and includes changing procedure in market. M-Commerce is emerging level in India. M-Commerce Services and applications can be adopted though different wireless and mobile network with the aid of Several mobile devices. M-Commerce is a term that is used to refer to the growing practice of conducting financial and promotional activities with the use of wireless hand held device. M-Commerce is one such innovation environment in which mobile computing and wireless technologies are capable of centering the attraction of customers in the absolute way. M-Commerce has become the all time favorite area of interest of today’s firms. M-Commerce services and applications is the identification of mobile users requirement. M-Commerce services and application need to be classified based on the functionality they provide to the mobile users.