Not A Predatory Journal

Not a predatory journal why because

  1. Minimum research article publication charges are 1000 Rupees.
  2. The journal identifies a formal editorial / review board.
  3. Academic information is provided regarding the editor, editorial staff, and/or review board members (e.g. , institutional affiliation)
  4. Evidence exists showing that the editor and/or review board members possess academic expertise to reasonably qualify them to be publication gatekeepers in the journal’s field.
  5. Journals have not duplicate editorial boards (i.e., same editorial board for more than one journal).
  6. The journals have an sufficient number of board members
  7. Editorial board member self joined who are prominent researchers
  8. Editorial board member contributed / published their articles in Gurukul Journal.
  9. The journal has a geographical diversity among the editorial board with international status
  10. The editorial board has not a gender bias both the gender involved in Gurukul Journal.

The publisher…

  1. Gurukul Journal has policies or practices for digital preservation, The journal published on
  2. Gurukul Journal has not using a common template to quickly create home page.
  3. Provided sufficient information about author fees, not sending an unanticipated “surprise” invoice.
  4. Not lock the PDFs, article will be published after checking the plagiarism.


  1. The name of a Gurukul Journal reflect its origin, it is published from India and each page given this information.
  2. The publisher not falsely claims the Gurukul Journal have (Thomson-Reuters) impact factors.
  3. The publisher sends articles only peer reviews.
  4. The publisher not falsely claims to have its content indexed in abstracting and indexing services.
  5. The publisher send the manuscript to the qualified and experienced reviewers


  1. Not Re-publish papers already published in other venues/outlets without providing appropriate credits.
  2. Not used boastful language claiming to be a “leading publisher” even though the publisher may only be a startup or a novice organization.
  3. Not operate in a Western country or duplicate address from other countries.
  4. Provide all information about the article like received article, revised article and accepted for publications.
  5. Publishes papers for academic researchers
  6. Have a “contact us” page that includes a web form, an email address, and the publisher proved its full postal, phone and Email Address.

Poor journal standards / practice

The following practices are considered to be reflective of Gurukul Journal is not poor journal standards and, our Journal is not equal predatory criteria, potential authors should read and submit the manuscript for publications.

  1. The publisher do not copies “authors guidelines” (or with minor editing) from other publishers.
  2. The publisher lists with sufficient contact information, including contact information clearly stated the headquarters location.
  3. The publisher publishes journals Gurukul Journal from Multidisciplinary Studies and not gain more revenue from author fees.
  4. The publisher publishes journal that All subject and Various Field.
  5. The publisher charges authors for publishing but not requires transfer of copyright and retains copyright on journal content. Or the publisher not requires the copyright transfer upon submission of manuscript. We require only the agreement form to agree the authencity of the data.
  6. The editor, owner and publisher does not accept any responsibility regarding unsolicited publication material, authenticity of data, statement, inaccurate data, opinions, results and view expressed by the authors in articles are of their own and not of Gurukul Journal.
  7. The publisher has maintained websites, including links, not misspellings and not major grammatical errors on the website.
  8. The publisher not used the licensed images, use only published research images on Gurukul Journal website.
  9. The publisher not engages in excessive use of spam email to solicit manuscripts or editorial board memberships.
  10. The publishers’ officers use email addresses, and
  11. The publisher stated licensing policy information on articles
  12. The publisher use standard identifier such as ISSNs uses them properly.
  13. The publisher has not advertising on its site to the extent that it interferes with site navigation and content access.
  14. Majority of the of the members editorial board published an article in the journal.
  15. The publisher not links to legitimate conferences and associations on its main website,
  16. The publisher not displays prominent statements that promise rapid publication and published rapid articles and/or unusually not quick peer review.
  17. Evidence exists showing that the publisher really conducted a bona fide peer review.
  18. The publisher appears to not focus exclusively on article processing fee providing services for readers.
  19. The publisher or its journals are listed in standard periodical directories or are widely cataloged in library databases.
  20. The publisher not copied journal titles from other publishers.
  21. The publisher has not optional “fast-track” fee-based service and not given assurance for publication with little or no vetting.

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