Continuing Professional Development Event under the Title of “Flexible Education for All”

Sr. No. Title Author Page No.
1 A Study Of  Language And Study Habit Skills In Classroom Environment And Academic Achievement Of  XI  Standard Students In Tiruvallur Districts Mr. A. Antony Prabakar 1-8
2 Educating The Educators :Teaching Strategies Prof. Dr. P. L. Dhengle 9-12
3 Counsellors Training Of B.Ed. Programme in YCMOU : A Case Study Dr. Vijaya V. Patil 13-20
4 Skill Development is the Need of the Hour S. K. Singh 21-23
5 महाराष्ट्रातील कृषी व जलव्यवस्थापन सुजाता एस. पाटील 24-28